IMMEDIATE ACCESS | ONLINE COURSE: CIM Planning and Optimising Marketing Campaigns

  • 01 January 2024
  • 31 December 2024
  • Online


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The Australian Marketing Institute, in collaboration with our partner, the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, is pleased to offer a selection of highly requested on-demand courses.

AMI members will be given a 10% discount code to be used when purchasing on the CIM website. Please note that the price displayed is an estimated final price and may be subject to currency fluctuations. We recommend checking the current exchange rates for the exact price.

How to claim the discount:

To enrol in a course, kindly complete the registration process. Upon successful registration, a discount code will be sent to your email address, which can be applied at CIM's website to obtain a discounted rate for the course.

The discount can only be claimed by AMI members.

About the course:

CIM has created this new online course to help you improve the way you plan and implement marketing campaigns. You will gain insights into the campaign planning process, including how to analyse your market position, set campaign objectives, develop a campaign plan, deliver your campaign, monitor performance, optimise your digital channels and evaluate campaign performance.

Duration: This flexible course is built around 25 hours of online content. Self-paced.

Access Period: You will have access to the content for twelve months.

Access: Login details will be sent by email within 24 hours of booking via the CIM Website.

Price: Full price is £449.00, AMI community gets 10% off (£404.10).

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning a campaign: How to create a campaign plan and develop customer value propositions and models of communication.
  • Situation analysis: How to evaluate both the internal and external marketing environments and create a SWOT analysis.
  • Campaign development: How to set campaign objectives, select media channels and assess organisational capabilities.
  • Campaign implementation: Tools to support campaign planning and how to gain stakeholder engagement.
  • Monitoring campaigns: Forecasting, measuring effectiveness, testing techniques and developing dashboards.
  • Campaign evaluation: Identify the key metrics to measure performance and inform future campaign development.
  • Digital optimisation: How to improve conversion rates and create a conversion optimisation plan.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is an AMI Partner. We are happy to offer the course to our members with an exclusive discount.

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*CPMs can register 24 points for Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) at this course.

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