Become a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM)

The Certified Practising Marketer designation is the only peak professional benchmark of its kind for marketers in the Asia-Pacific Region. Unlike tertiary of vocational education, CPM is recognition of both formal education and successful application of your marketing knowledge and skills. The completion of a program accredited, certified, or registered by the Australian Marketing Institute entitles you towards a credit reduction in time needed to become a CPM.

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How to become a CPM?

1. Become an AMI Member

AMI Professional Membership is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to apply for CPM accreditation. If you're not an AMI Member yet, please complete your membership application.

Become an AMI Member

2. Pay CPM Application Fee 

Click the link below to pay the non-refundable CPM application fee. 

AMI corporate members are eligible for a complimentary CPM assessment. To start your CPM application please contact the AMI Membership team at

3. Prove details of your qualification and practical experience 

A CPM application URL will be sent to your nominated email address, once your CPM application fee has been paid. Please allow up to 30 minutes to receive the link.

AMI corporate members are not required to pay the CPM application fee.

If you need assistance filling out the form, please contact the AMI Memerbship team at

Every application to become a CPM is assessed on the individual's merits. To qualify, CPM candidates typically have:

  • Practical marketing management experience with recognised marketing qualification/s
  • A recognised marketing qualification or 10 years of marketing management experience/practice
  • Extensive marketing knowledge and background experience.

4. Assessment

How assessment works

CPM certification is based on both quantitative and qualitative assessments of career achievements, work history and education. To be successful, the applicant must accumulate 650 points across all three areas.

The quantitative assessment takes into account educational qualifications, current job function, level of responsibility and total practical experience. In addition, weighting is given to the size of the organisation and the level of the role within that organisation.

The qualitative assessment involves a review of past vocational achievements and current role.

Assessment criteria explained


A marketing degree or postgraduate qualification in marketing is the basic education level. For those who have completed an AMI Accredited, Certified or Registered program, this entitles you to a credit off time needed to become a CPM.

In some circumstances, substantial marketing experience can substitute for qualifications. However, in these cases applicants must demonstrate conceptual competence acquired through more than 10 years of marketing-specific practise.


A minimum of five years of broad marketing experience is required. Applicants must demonstrate a breadth of experience with more than one area of marketing expertise such as communication, market research and sales.


Applicants are required to provide a resume of their professional achievements. Clear career progress, increasing functional responsibility and seniority indicate a track record of professional achievement. Evidence of work done, results achieved and career highlights is sought. All claims must be independently substantiated.

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