Masterclass. eCommerce Fundamentals

  • 08 February 2024
  • 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Virtual Classroom (Online)
  • 14


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This workshop is designed for marketers, eCommerce specialists and digital all-rounders who are looking to understand the essential pillars and fundamentals of eCommerce in more depth.

There’s a lot of advice, data, case studies and opinions out there about how to do eCommerce well. Sometimes you just need a hand cutting through the noise to find what exactly it is you need to do with your time, budget and resources. This workshop takes the many complexities that exist in the eCommerce landscape today and simplifies them into 6 fundamental pillars.

It aims to help students create an eCommerce Roadmap/Strategy that can be implemented following the workshop, to help drive long term success in-market.

It concludes with a deep dive into the decision-making metrics to pay attention to when analysing performance, and how these can be used to inform an eCommerce Roadmap/longer term strategy.

Who is it ideal for:

Marketers, eCommerce specialists, digital marketers, and digital all-rounders.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify which elements of your product are key for the product page.
  2. Leverage your point of difference and key brand traits online.
  3. Know your customer: how to use data to create personas.
  4. Learn what content works: A/B testing creative and messaging, copywriting elements to consider.
  5. Optimising customer experience on-site: tech stack, CRO initiatives, functionality, speed.
  6. Driving retention: post-purchase experience, loyalty, email marketing
  7. Learn what drives traffic to your site (SEM, SEO, paid social, organic channels).
  8. Learn which metrics to consider when making decisions and analysing performance.
  9. Learn what to cover in your eCommerce roadmap and how to ensure your strategies and metrics of success support your business goals.

Topics covered: 

  • Pillar 1: product
  • Pillar 2: brand
  • Pillar 3: customer
  • Pillar 4: content
  • Pillar 5: customer experience
  • Pillar 6: retention
  • Top of Funnel - Driving traffic to site
  • Decision making metrics
  • Establishing an eCommerce Roadmap

Course experience 

  • Interactive activities for pillars 1-6 using a pre-designed template in the form of a basic eCommerce Roadmap/strategy deck for participants to take with them following the workshop and apply in their workplace. to take with them following the workshop and apply in their workplace. The aim of these activities is to encourage them to use the workshop time to analyse their own brand, and learn how to fill in gaps and create a strategy for improvement.
  • The final activity will guide students to create KPIs for their eCommerce Roadmap using the metrics they learn to reference during the workshop.
  • Q&A and feedback.


Ali Worrall
eCommerce & Marketing Expert 

Ali has worked in eCommerce and marketing for over 10 years across the fashion and skincare space. She started her career with General Pants Co, before moving to fast-fashion scale ups Tiger Mist and I.AM.GIA, and most recently leading the marketing and eCommerce department at skincare brand frank body.

In her time at Tiger Mist and I.AM.GIA, she led a re-platform, rebrand and tech-stack overhaul for Tiger Mist to enable the brand to scale globally, and launched the I.AM.GIA brand in 2017 where she created the digital footprint of the brand that you see today.

Most recently at frank body, Ali led the global go-to-market planning for the launch of over 30 products across wholesale and online, a category launch into personal care and the overhaul and relaunch of loyalty program Hotel Pink. In 2020, she took the role of interim CMO and was instrumental in expanding the brand and team in North America and the UK.


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