Masterclass: ChatGPT 101 - Fundamentals for Marketers

  • 20 March 2024
  • 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Virtual Classroom (Online)
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ChatGPT Fundamentals: Empowering Marketers with practical confidence 

ChatGPT is now an essential part of Marketing, offering businesses an opportunity to tap into the enormous potential of generative AI. However, it’s also a complex, evolving and sometimes unpredictable platform, meaning it can feel overwhelming.

In this masterclass, we’ll cover the fundamentals, including theory, tips, tricks, tasks and tools to get you started, and introduce you to mindsets and approaches to set you up for ChatGPT success.

This course, which blends insights and knowledge with practical elements and interactive sections, will leave you with the essentials you need to feel far more confident with ChatGPT and its practical applications in your career.

Who Should Attend

  •      Marketers curious about ChatGPT
  •      Those who have only scratched the surface of ChatGPT
  •       Marketers who are pressed for time
  •      Marketers who want to upskill in AI
  •    People who want to harness ChatGPT for content drafting
  •    Business professionals who see ChatGPT’s importance but can’t imagine        what it looks like in their business

Topics Covered

  •       Getting started on ChatGPT
  •      How it works and how to work with it (Human/AI process)
  •     Use cases and approaches to ChatGPT’s applications
  •       Benefits vs Challenges and what to do
  •       How to get started and best practises
  •       Context windows and source materials
  •       Interacting with ChatGPT to get the best output
  •       Applying marketing and copywriting principles to ChatGPT’s content
  •       Priming ChatGPT
  •       Prompt Engineering
  •       Creating Customer Personas for continued use
  •      Tones of Voice
  •      Linked Applications
  •      Using ChatGPT to produce content

Learning Outcomes

    1. Feel more confident overall about ChatGPT’s application
    2. Appreciate AI’s contribution to Marketing practise
    3. Optimise the human vs ChatGPT interaction
    4. Crafting effective prompts to get useful content
    5. Create customer personas to utilise


    Christoper Melotti
    Message Marketing Strategist, Creative consultant, Brand Comms Specialist (Melotti Media)

    Christopher Melotti is a hyper-enthusiastic Marketing Consultant, Brand Copywriter and Business Communications Specialist known for his on-the-spot knowledge, humorous charm and engaging presentation style.

    As the founder of Australia’s only Message Marketing Agency, Melotti Media, he and his team collaborate with a wide range of clients, from Governments and International Firms to medium-sized companies of all industries, all to enrich their communication style, develop customised brand messaging and solve content challenges with uncompromising service.

    Chris’ goal is to not just consult, but to demonstrate the potential that messaging strategy and brand marketing offer businesses. Everything Melotti Media does is about evolving marketing practise by making brands relevant to customers.

    Multi-award-winning and highly sought-after as a presenter, Chris’ passion is infectious and his insights are practical.

    *This course qualifies for 14 CPD points under the AMI’s Certified Practising Marketer program. 

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