So You Think You Know about Media

  • 22 November 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Webinar


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So You Think You Know about Media

Too many marketing people believe that, as long as their Agency media people can throw incomprehensible jargon at them and shower them with data, then they must know their stuff.

The thing is … Jargon and Data don’t sell products. And they don’t build brands.

This session will break down some of the myths of advertising media and help you focus on the keys to developing effective campaigns.

It is designed to increase your confidence to challenge. It is not designed to give you all the answers. Nobody has them! It is designed to give you some of the most important questions.

Topics Covered

·  You briefed the Agency … did they agree?
·  Can Data replace Creativity?
·  Why bother with Broadcast Media?
·  Your Role in a programmatic world?
·  Creative & Media people don’t talk anymore
·  Feedback isn’t easy … a couple of ideas
·  Do the Big guys Buy the best?
·  Are KPIs & Accountability the keys

What You'll Learn

How NOT to follow the crowd.

    About The Presenter

    Mark Leone
    Madclarity, Managing Director & Partner

    Leone has 20 years’ experience at the top Media Consultancies in Asia Pacific. At Faulkner Media Management (FMM) he was Head of Client Service, built the New Zealand operation from scratch and then created the first independent media consultancy in SE Asia.

    Over the past seven years, with Faulkner, he has built Madclarity from zero to be the fastest-growing and most respected media consultancy in the country.

    Leone is still actively involved in the company’s Coaching, Consultancy, Agency Review and Benchmarking work for their clients.