B2B Marketing Storytelling – Secrets for Success

  • 18 October 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Webinar


Learn B2B storytelling secrets that will make your messages impossible to ignore. And discover the best sources of authentic storytelling you may already have at your disposal.

It’s time to stop being bland. AI is great, but it makes everything sound the same. Gina Balarin knows a good few secrets of B2B storytelling success, though. In this webinar you’ll discover where to find the best stories, how to align them with your brand, who should be telling them, and how to capture insights from the truth-tellers, frustrated storytellers and undiscovered idea-generators in your business.


·       Aligning human stories with brand and corporate messaging

·       Where to find the best stories…

·       Who’s the author? And why do people care?

·       You’ve got the stories, now what?

·       Why it pays to listen to truth-tellers

·       How to hear from frustrated storytellers

·       When to listen to undiscovered idea-generators

·       How to 8x your story-gathering potential.


·       You’ll discover why storytelling isn’t just important for B2B marketing – it’s a fundamental human need.

·       You’ll experience the true power of antici…pation

·       You’ll see a powerful framework you can leverage for story-gathering and story-sharing

·       And you’ll learn what all of this has to do with your Secret Army: your managers, employees and customers.