Bolster Your Partnership Marketing with AI Tools

  • 15 November 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online


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Supercharge Your Partnership Marketing: Discover AI Tools and Strategies for Maximum Impact

It’s hard not to hear about AI right now. But what can it do in the trenches of a marketing team?

AMI has teamed up with growth strategist Luke Marshall to bring you a practical, no-nonsense webinar on how to enhance your partnership marketing using AI tools and strategies.

This jargon-free session will share expertise on making partnership marketing more efficient and effective. You'll learn how to create a list of ideal partners, identify the right hooks for connecting and partnering, and discover tools that simplify process documentation. Plus, you'll gain insights into creating content and partnership collateral quickly and how marketers can truly benefit from AI tools.

This lunchtime webinar is designed for marketers who want to cut through the hype and focus on real-world applications of AI in partnership marketing. By attending, you'll walk away with actionable insights that you can implement right away to improve your marketing efforts and foster meaningful partnerships.

So, if you're ready to learn from a seasoned growth strategist like Luke Marshall and elevate your partnership marketing game, reserve your spot now. Let's explore the potential of AI tools together and make partnership marketing more effective and enjoyable for you.

Topics Covered

- Creating a list of ideal partners
- Identifying the right hooks for connecting and partnering
- Tools that make the process of documentation easier
- Creating content and partnership collateral with speed
- How marketers can use AI tools to their advantage

What You'll Learn

· Get an overview of the emerging AI marketing tool landscape

·  Learn how to build prompts without compromising on your brand’s tone, guidelines, or security

·  Streamlining discovery and collaborating processes with new tools

·  Where and how to keep track of the latest developments in this technology

·  What to look out for with generative tools

About the Presenter

Luke Marshall
Growth Marketing + Digital Training

Luke Marshall is a growth strategist with nearly 20 years of experience. He’s worked at two big-tech companies (Meta, Google) and with clients such as L’Oreal, BMW, Unilever, QANTAS, Microsoft, and Sony. Luke now consults in the startup space and is keen to bring his learnings from the AI world to marketers looking for an edge.

*This course qualifies for PMP points under the AMI’s Certified Practicing Marketer program. 

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