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  • Path to Purpose - Creating a meaningful purpose led strategy

Path to Purpose - Creating a meaningful purpose led strategy

  • 30 August 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online


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Unlock the full value of a meaningful purpose strategy


Marketers and leaders of small, medium and large businesses, who want to understand how to embed meaningful purpose into their business and brand. They want to do it authentically, strategically and in a way that sets them up for business success.


1. LACK OF A MEANINGFUL ORGANISATIONAL PURPOSE: You understand that Purpose is more than just having a “Why” statement, but you don’t know how to build a meaningful purpose strategy for your business or brand.

2. LACK OF SIGNIFICANT BRAND DIFFERENTIATION: Your brand lacks a compelling and emotive point of difference.

3. Unclear how to “MARKET” YOUR PURPOSE

This 1 hour webinar gives participants insight and inspiration into how to build an authentic purpose strategy that drives impact and business success.

Unlock the full value of a meaningful purpose strategy for your business, your brand and the world we live in. By leading with an authentic and credible purpose you’ll build a more meaningful and profitable business and brand that inspires your people, attracts quality customers, energises your business; and builds trust and helps to future-proof your business in a fast-changing world.

Most importantly, you will lay solid foundations for your business to join a powerful and growing movement for change - business as a force for good; brands driving profit through purpose.


Through this session you will...

· Gain clarity on the expectations that come with being a purpose-led organisation

· Gain insight and inspiration from brands (B2C and B2B) navigating their path to purpose

· Learn how to build your purpose foundations: the six-pillar approach to a profit with purpose strategy

· Understand how marketing can play an authentic role in building a purpose-led brand

About the presenter:

Carolyn Butler-Madden

Author | Keynote Speaker | Chief Purpose Activist at The Cause Effect | Host of the "For Love & Money Podcast

"I believe in a future where business is a force for good and brands drive profit through purpose. This is why I’m on a mission to making meaningful Social Purpose a vital part of business in Australia and beyond.
This purpose has been the driving force behind me becoming a 2x author, speaker, podcaster and founder & Chief Purpose Activist of Purpose Consultancy, The Cause Effect. It has also driven me and my team at The Cause Effect to walk the talk through our own business and become B Corp Certified, which we achieved in 2021.

Before all of this, I had a 30-year international career on the agency side of the marketing world. I owned my own small agency for eighteen years and was fortunate enough to for work with some of the world’s best-known brands. During this time I honed my skills in strategy, creativity and business management.

Over the last ten years I recognised my own need to follow my passion for social justice. It took me on a journey from cause marketing to social purpose and eventually to launch my Purpose Consultancy and to write two books on Purpose - For Love & Money; and Path To Purpose."

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