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The journey from CSAT to CX to profit

  • 19 May 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Like the Rolling Stones in the 80’s, a lot of companies struggle to obtain satisfaction when it comes to their customers.

Since the 80’s, ways of obtaining customer satisfaction insights have multiplied as quickly as the names of the process itself: whether you’ve got a CX program, or are measuring NPS, CES, WYMU, NVS, etc. ad infinitum, there is an implicit and well-tested assumption in it that the service delivered links to profit, a Service Profit Chain being a familiar term if you were measuring this in the 90’s.

In this webinar, an internationally published author, speaker, and practitioners on the subject dispels the myths and the hype to reveal the factors that have consistently delivered customer loyalty and profitability for hundreds of clients over the past three decades.

What you’ll learn

The webinar will explain how best to measure customer satisfaction across a variety of different scenarios and explain the part that most organisations miss: how to translate customer satisfaction measurement into fact-based, customer-driven strategies for your business.

    About the presenters:

    Rob MacDougall 
    Director and CEO TLF Research – Asia Pacific Region

    Rob’s passion is about understanding the voice of the customer and he is the co-author of the book ‘How to Measure Customer Satisfaction’, published by Gower in May 1999. Rob speaks on Measuring Customer Satisfaction, Measuring Employee Commitment, Service Charters and The Service-Profit Chain at seminars, conferences and to corporations worldwide.

    Rob is sought after for articles on the measurement process by publications in the Asia Pacific region and in the last twenty-five years, he has been directing projects for TLF major client research in the Asia Pacific region, undertaking surveys for Australian companies and UK companies across most industry segments. Rob is a founding director of The Leadership Factor and he opened TLF’s Australian office in 1998.

    Rob has extensive corporate business experience having held senior management roles in Sales, Advertising and Marketing prior to opening TLF in Australia.

    Ben Wright
    TLF Director of research

    Ben has over fifteen years of research experience advising clients in the corporate, private and government sectors, with three years specialising at The Leadership Factor. He has extensive experience in conducting customer satisfaction, stakeholder perception, brand tracking, public opinion and community sentiment studies.

    Ben was previously a research manager at Ernst and Young where he conducted global thought leadership projects including in the areas of digital health, the future of health, fintech and the future of fuels. Prior to EY, Ben was engaged in a role at the nexus of market research, strategic communications and community engagement around complex and high-risk issues, delivering robust and sensitive strategic insights to senior government and corporate clients.

    Ben has a keen interest in Behavioural Economics where he has presented conference and research papers. This includes social research in the private sector focusing on compliance behaviour and community outrage, as well as applications of social network theory and modelling to analyse social relationships in groups and organisations. He has also taught e-commerce research methods to MBA students in the tertiary education sector.

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