• 28 February 2023
  • Online


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A highly practical short course designed to make you a YouTube marketing expert. This course is delivered both online in a self paced format, as well as in virtual workshops. 

Date: On Demand
Delivery: Online
Duration: 20 hours. self paced

Learn how to:

  1. Create engaging YouTube videos

  2. Use paid YouTube ads

  3. Record, edit and publish videos

  4. Grow and manage your channel

  5. Analyse and report

Key Takeways: 
  • A YouTube overview including features and advantages

  • Learn how to create a channel, upload video, use ads, playlists and end screens. Explore live, 360° video and Shorts

  • Grow your knowledge of optimising for maximum views, how to grow your network and provide value to your audience

  • Optimise your campaigns with analytics and insights. Report on key metrics.

  • Learn the four Cs – Cross promotion, Consistency, Collaboration and Creativity

  • Customise your channel, Call to Actions (CTAs), creating banners and encouraging engagement

  • Learn about video production stages, recording and editing. How to use Canva for editing and thumbnails

  • Explore the range of advertising formats including TrueView, Discovery and Bumper ads, partnering with influencers and ad campaigns

Social Media College is an AMI Partner. We are happy to offer the course to our members with an exclusive discount. 

*CPMs can register 40 points for Professional Maintenance Program (PMP) at this course.

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