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How to create & execute a thought leadership strategy

  • 10 November 2021
  • 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Virtual Classroom (Online)
  • 15


Ready to position yourself as an industry thought leader?
This practical 4-hour online workshop will show you how to create a thought leadership strategy that goes the distance!

Of the different types of content you can produce thought leadership content is the most reliable for consistently generating business outcomes and building a strong brand that people know, like and trust

We’ll look at how to build your authority and position yourself as the go-to expert in your niche, and use this to attract the right audience and build your online presence.

Who is it ideal for:

  • Marketing Consultants
  • CMOs looking to build their personal brand
  • Senior Professional Marketers
  • Agency Owners
  • Content Marketing Specialists
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • High-Performing Business Leaders


  • Position yourself for more premium career opportunities
  • Attract more new business (if agency or business owner)
  • Command a higher salary (if employed)
  • Charge higher rates (if self-employed)
  • Be better equipped to help your clients/employer navigate the modern landscape of organic content, personal branding and standing out in a noisy marketplace
  • Fast track the growth of your own business by becoming a thought leader
  • Attract prestigious collaboration opportunities

What you will learn:

Introduction to Thought Leadership

  • What is good Thought Leadership?
  • How it is a fusion of Leadership & Strategy & Marketing
  • Why thought leadership content is different to other content
  • Why this type of content will deliver a better ROI for your career/business
  • Why it’s the fastest growing modern marketing discipline

Thought Leadership Strategy

  • Business/Career Goals Alignment
  • How to set your thought leadership goals and what is realistic
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of a successful thought leadership strategy
  • Monetising Your Message

Thought Leadership Branding

  • Employee Brand vs Personal Brand vs Business Brand – Key considerations for thought leadership for each.
  • The 4 non-negotiables of a brand that connects with its audience
  • What are the brand assets you need and how to create them
  • Messaging and Positioning Fundamentals for thought leadership
  • Pivoting and Re-positioning

Thought Leadership Content

  • Choosing your Topics and Themes
  • A plan for extracting your own thought leadership
  • How to turn your ideas into compelling content
  • 7P Framework for creating high-converting thought leadership content consistently
  • The 3 Systems you need to get your thought leadership to market
  • How to measure your content success

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