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Doing More with Less

  • 06 October 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 1:40 PM
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Topic and Focus:

Doing More with Less
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Doing more with less can mean a multitude of different things - less personnel, less resources, less budget, sometimes all three and sometimes much more.

At LiteracyPlanet we have been faced with the challenge of supporting a world-wide sales team (target markets including Australia, UK, US, Asia, International schools as well as the consumer market in all of these regions) with a team of just 3 people and a small marketing budget.

Despite this, our team has been consistently hitting lead targets, developing brand recognition both close to home and in far-flung regions, and continuing to refine and develop processes so that our lead quality and ultimately sales revenue meets targets and helps LiteracyPlanet continue to grow.

This Chat will focus on:

Automation - When you have a small budget, your cost per lead has to be low. Unfortunately, low cost leads usually compromise on lead quality. Automation has allowed us to set up a series of nurture programs that speaks to the key target segments of each of our markets, and triggers are set up that alert the sales team only when a lead has met the goal requirements that determine they are ready to be engaged with (both through scoring, and through self-identification).

Managing your team - Our small and relatively young team are constantly busy and often asked internally for help on all kinds of projects. And our team adheres to the stereotype of the helpful marketer - we are always keen to do what we can for whoever asks! But time management and helping my team to manage their time is critical for keeping on track on the bigger goals that are going to make the most impact.

Don't get overwhelmed - When you're a small team with a lot to do, it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. The philosophy of our team is that you don't have to launch a campaign or an idea with the entire opera composed - it's possible to launch with a single song, and know that you're going to build on this over time.

Consistent planning and review - All of the above, and so much more, is helped by very careful planning and review of processes and resources. Careful planning helps us stay on track and ensure that we are building towards the most important goals. Review of processes allows us to ensure that both our team and the sales team are ensuring there are no gaps in the marketing funnel that valuable leads are slipping through.

Who we are chatting with:

Samantha Poblete
Global Marketing Manager, LiteracyPlanet


Samantha Poblete is the Global Marketing Manager at LiteracyPlanet, who manages a team of three to promote educational software to schools and parents around the world.

A history and English teacher for 4 years after leaving university, Samantha decided that the world of Marketing held the project and psychological challenges that played to her strengths. When LiteracyPlanet offered her a role to promote a fun and impactful platform to students and schools around the world, it was a match made in heaven. Sam is data-driven and automation focused in order to ensure high lead volume but also provide only high-quality leads to a lean sales team. A little over a year ago Sam was able to continue working for LiteracyPlanet while moving to Vancouver and exploring incredible parts of Canada.

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