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AMI Livestream Chat - Get to know a CMO Series

  • 16 June 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM
  • Livestream Chat


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AMI's Livestream Chats bring together marketers across multiple industries and sectors to foster conversation and spark debate.

AMI Livestream Chat events are held live and online, they consist of experts speaking on topics relevant to professionals. These topics can be within the marketing or professional sphere. The Chats are focused on a conversation around the topic, encouraging new perspectives, ideas and conversations.

Each Livestream Chat will include:

  • Topic conversation
    Hear about topics relevant to all professionals
  • Q&A
    Ask questions of the experts
  • Connecting with peers
    Your time to connect with marketers across the country (and sometimes the world!)

Topic and Focus:

Get to know a CMO Series
Presented by the AMI Queensland Committee

"Its only impossible until we do it" - Darren Neeham-Walker

Passion areas:

  • Sales and Marketing partnering together
  • Data: Customer Segmentation – choosing where not to play

About the CMO:

Darren Needham-Walker
Group Manager: Marketing & Communications, Technology One


Working with the teams and talent behind some of the world's most iconic and influential brands - Darren is a focused, thought leader whose work has received international recognition for empowering individuals and teams to be their best.

Collaboration lives at the heart of Darren’s approach, as he identifies and informs unique ways to work within the modern, multi-generational workforce of today.

His passion for high performance is relentless and infectious. Being able to work and develop teams and individuals around the world while continually challenging the status quo bringing tomorrow into today - is as he calls it, “a dream job” with real, tangible rewards, every day.

One of Darren's favourite quotes:


Louis D Brandeis (American lawyer and Judge).

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