ONLINE COURSE: B2B Foundations

  • 10 August 2020
  • Online
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Accelerate you and your ability to create strategic marketing programs that achieve business objectives.

Becoming certified by Forrester helps you and your team master core vocabulary and principles to move faster together. In this course, you’ll lay the foundation for best-in-class marketing strategies that will help your organisation grow and align your team for brilliant execution. Taught by expert analysts who’ve been doing B2B Marketing for decades, this course is available to marketing professionals and associates.

Lay the foundation for best-in-class marketing strategies that will help your organization grow and align your team for brilliant execution. Hone your strategic efforts and develop meaningful, ongoing relationships with customers. 

AMI Member Value

This course qualifies for 6 hours of professional development under the AMI’s Certified Practising Marketer program.

Key Learnings:

As a result of becoming certified in the B2B Marketing Foundations course, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore B2B Marketing In today's business landscape examine the core elements of B2B marketing and how the function operates in today’s business ecosystem.
  • Target Personas to develop a winning Go-To-Market strategy.
  • Determine the buyer roles that your organisation should target and the insights that should inform your strategies.
  • Understand the nuances of the Buyer's Journey to structure a sequence of activities that will enable buying decisions.
  • Leverage the Demand Unit Waterfall to measure performance
  • Explore the Demand Unit Waterfall and how buying groups should influence your marketing strategies.
  • Design an Audience-Centric Campaign approach
  • Learn how to orchestrate an integrated campaign that aligns the marketing organisation and drives results.
  • Calibrate B2B Marketing Measurement
  • Learn how to demonstrate the full scope and value that the marketing function contributes to the business

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