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Producing Customer Testimonial Videos

  • 28 November 2019
  • 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Face to Face & Virtual Classroom - Melbourne
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In business, customer testimonial videos are an extremely powerful and important medium in the customer journey.  Produced correctly, they serve as a powerful endorsement to your product or service.  But producing them is not without it’s challenges; from cost control to the simple act of getting your client’s permission.   whether you are new to the platform or looking to enhance your current presence. As one of the fastest growing social media platforms if you are a business owner, marketing manager, sales professional or just looking to stand out from the crowd you can benefit from learning how to optimise your LinkedIn presence.John Leonard of Uvideo provides an indepth, hands on practical workshop structured in three parts: Preparation, Execution, Distribution.

This workshop is for the organisation who wants to produce regular high quality video in house.  Particularly suited to marketing and communication managers and their staff.  Bring what equipment you have as John will be guiding you through actual video production role playing on the day.

Topics Covered:


  • Getting permission from your client.
  • Structuring the story.
  • Preparing for the shoot (from client considerations – composition)


  • Technicalities – filming on your DSLR or iphone. (Camera, lights & sound)
  • Interviewing techniques – soft skills
  • Capturing B roll footage – style and techniques.
  • Editing workflows.


  • From social networks to your HDTV in your reception

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