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Customer Proximity

  • 16 April 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • online


Almost all organisations today face unprecedented levels of change, complexity and volatility.

Navigating the resultant disruption dynamics is one of the most important stewardship challenges facing strategic leaders. Getting it right can pay enormous dividends, but getting it wrong can lead to spectacular failure and the ultimate demise of once admired organisations. To address this threat, strategic leaders need to better understand how to get, and stay, close to customers.

Co-author of Strategy Execution and Complexity: Thriving in the Era of Disruption, Matthew Tice identifies a compelling framework for customer proximity as a central pillar of business and marketing strategy.

In this webinar, Matthew will discuss:

  • Customer proximity explained – the framework
  • Customer proximity diagnostic – how do you know if you are customer proximate?
  • Customer proximity maturity model
  • Case examples and tips for leaders

Matthew Tice
Chief Executive Officer of Insurgence & Author of Strategy Execution and Complexity: Thriving in the Era of Disruption

Mr. Matthew Tice is the Chief Executive Officer of Insurgence, a firm dedicated to helping organisations to navigate (and lead) through disruptive change.  Insurgence helps clients at the nexus of strategy, innovation and leadership to accelerate growth by discovering new paths to market and building disruptive business models.  In his previous role, Matt was Managing Director and founding Partner for Asia-Pacific at The Palladium Group. Mr. Tice is a leading advisor to CEOs across Asia-Pacific in the areas of strategy design and  execution, leadership, innovation and governance. He has worked with or studied under many of the world's leading thinkers including Drs Robert Kaplan and David Norton, Jim Collins (author of Good to Great), James Moore (author of The Death of Competition), Francis Goulliart (author of Transforming the Organisation and a contributor to Blue Ocean Strategy), Venkat Ramaswamy (co-writer with CK Pralahad of the Future of Competition) and Dr. Harry Lasker, a leading thinker in new media and knowledge management.

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