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Certified Practising Marketer Logo Guidelines

As a Certified Practising Marketer, you are entitled and encouraged to use the CPM logo and post-nominal to identify you as a practising marketer of professional standing and one who can demonstrate a high level of knowledge, proficiency, and ethics in marketing.  

The Certified Practising Marketer designation is the only peak professional benchmark of its kind for marketers in the Asia-Pacific region. Unlike tertiary of vocational education, CPM is recognition of both formal education and successful application of your marketing knowledge and skills. 

These guidelines serve as an outline of key aspects of correct usage of the CPM logo and wording denoting your CPM status on all your materials.  If you have any questions or are unsure about a proposed usage of the logo or wording, please contact us at membership@ami.org.au.

1. How to use your logos

Correct usage of your logo is vital.  It is a valuable point of differentiation and serves as your stamp of identification as a Certified Practising Marketer.

When using the logo the guidelines for use must be adhered to for all items of communication.

The logo always appears on a full bleed White background. When only one colour is available in applications such as press advertisements the logo may be reproduced as a solid Black, or solid grey logo. The logo must not be condensed, expanded, shaded or tinted, outlined, redrawn or have its component parts reconfigured.

2. Logo selection

There are three options to choose from when selecting your preferred logo.  However, the logo must only be used in the below colours and formats.  The logo must be printed as:

  • black,
  • grey, or
  • grey and blue

See examples below:

IMPORTANT: the use of any other colour is strictly prohibited from use.

3. Logo and CPM Wording Usage Guidelines

  1. The CPM logo/wording placement must always be in close proximity to the name of the CPM.
  2. To avoid confusion, the AMI CPM logo is not to be displayed in the top left or top right hand corner of any document.
  3. When displaying the logo, its size must remain proportional to the font size used for the name of the CPM.

4. Correct CPM Logo & Designation Usage

Logo size is proportional to the font size used for the name of the CPM.

See example below:

6. Download CPM Logos

Please note, these logos are in .jpeg form. If you require the logos in .eps or .png format, please contact us at membership@ami.org.au.

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