IMMEDIATE ACCESS | ONLINE COURSE: DMI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (Advanced)

  • 01 January 2023
  • 31 December 2023
  • Online


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This course provides a deep understanding of digital marketing, digital strategy, CX, search marketing, social media, and data analytics. Ideal for pros that want to become a marketing leader.

The BPP University Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, powered by the Digital Marketing Institute, utilises DMI’s unparalleled knowledge in Digital Marketing to bring you this advanced course designed to accelerate career growth and drive commercial success. It will examine and explore key practices and strategies in digital marketing, digital strategy, CX, search marketing, social media, data analytics and much more.

This course will give you the skills and tools to become a digital marketing leader. You will understand how to make data-driven decisions, devise and implement a successful digital strategy and use innovative marketing strategies to drive business growth.

Who Should Attend

  • Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers and Digital Marketing Managers who want to take their career to the next level.
  • Directors and senior leaders who want to shape the digital marketing strategy and create an integrated approach to digital across the organisation.
  • Career switchers who want to get into Digital Marketing.
  • IT Managers, Product Managers, Sales Managers etc who are looking to broaden their skills and work more collaboratively to accelerate digital transformation in their organisation.
  • CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to grow their business online.
  • Students who want advanced skills in Digital Marketing to fast track their career

Topics Covered

1.     Professional & Digital Skills for Marketing Practitioners
2.     Search Marketing & Generation
3.     Social Media Marketing
4.     Digital Marketing Analytics and Planning
5.   Digital Business Strategy & Management

Learning Outcomes

1.   Demonstrate a systematic understanding of concepts and theories underpinning contemporary marketing
2.   Critically analyse internal & external influences on the practice of digital marketing including ethical and risk dimension
3.    Select relevant tools and techniques to inform decision-making based on marketing and management information
4.    Critically evaluate interdependencies within an organization’s internal and external environment leading to management decision
5.    Critically analyse complex situations to inform management decision-making on digital marketing in the current business environment
6.    Formulate a critical awareness of contemporary issues in digital marketing & communications
7.    Professionally communicate complex ideas and arguments, using a range of tools and techniques, to advise or influence internal & external stakeholders
8.   Exercise professional judgement in complex situations in order to make effective decisions
9.    Apply critical thinking to practical and theoretical problems by generating insights using analytical tools
10.    Critically reflect on learning and experiences to contribute towards their ongoing professional development now and in the future
11.     Utilise a wide range of resources relevant to a professional in digital marketing got direct their own learning experience

Course Experience

  • Course Length: 4 terms of 15 weeks, over 16 months (250 hours)
  • Entry Requirements - This course requires a Bachelor’s degree (minimum 2nd class honours) or relevant work experience (minimum of 3 years)
  • Self-Paced Learning, webinars & Q&A sessions Assessment – self-paced quizzes at the end of the module, and a range of assessments to apply knowledge to real-life projects (evaluated & feedback given)
  • Professional Certification – Postgrad Diploma from BPP University (UK)

Trainer Details

Industry and University experts such as Neil Patel, Clark Boyd, Julie Atherton, Cathal Melinn, Will Francis, Alison Battisby, Richard Parke-Davies, Olivia Kearney

Digital Marketing Institute is an AMI Partner. We are happy to offer the course to our members with an exclusive discount. 

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