Social Media Best Practices in 2024

  • 29 September 2023
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Webinar


Learn how to measure your brand's impact across the end-to-end customer journey on the best performing social media platforms

This workshop is focused around the current state of social media marketing as it sits heading into 2024. It involves a discussion and collaboration around social media strategy and design.

With a strong intention on providing clarity on the metrics that businesses should focus on when developing a social media strategy for net business impact, this workshop will cover strategies incorporating industry best practice to increase brand engagement, internal resource allocation, risk management, campaign build, messenger strategy, lead generation and funnel build strategy and social to EDM campaign methodology.

It will provide insight into current engagement trends on each platform, and how to evolve with the massive changes we are experiencing in the marketing and technology landscape today.

Key learnings

· Explore the fundamental changes occurring on Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin and understand how to adapt

·  What are the most important performance metrics to accurately measure and determine value for businesses in the long term ?

·  What is the critical marketing formula for successful social media campaigns in 2024 ?

·  What are the current industry benchmarks for social media best practice?  

· How to tackle B2B vs B2C marketing strategy on social media ?

· Develop an understanding of the current landscape of social media and learn data-driven strategies to drive the most significant growth and impact

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