How to use consumer segmentation in your data-driven creative for better strategy in marketing

  • 15 September 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Webinar


Your audience is not a monolith: How to use consumer segmentation in your data-driven creative for better strategy in marketing

Data-driven creative is the future of marketing and media buying, and in this webinar TLF Research will demonstrate how consumer segmentation is used to formulate accurate communication strategies with your existing and potential customers.

The demand to deliver more relevant communications is one of the most important factors behind data-driven marketing investments, and effective use of segmentation data helps marketers optimise creative development and minimise wasted media dollars through delivering ineffective or irrelevant ads that fail to cut through. In today’s increasingly saturated media environment and diverse technical platforms used to access that media, consumer media consumption is constantly changing. By matching creative to audience segments, marketers can target their desired audiences more precisely, achieve message relevance, and customise creative that resonates better with each audience segment.

Key takeaways

How segmentation can be used to help you:

  • Understand who your most valuable customers are and why
  • Learn about your customers on a deeper level so you can tailor your content to their unique needs and challenges
  • Communicate with segments of customers via preferred channel or platform
  • Create targeted campaigns and ads to resonate with and convert segments of customers
  • Increase customer loyalty with customised content and interactions
  • Improve your customer service and customer support efforts by understanding and preparing for challenges different groups are likely to experience
  • Identify new opportunities for products, support, and services

The session will include several case studies of best-practice segmentation in action.

    About the presenter:

    Ben Wright
    Director of Research. TLF Research

    Ben has over 18 years of segmentation experience working across award-winning boutique market research agencies, Top 4 consulting firm, EY, and one of Australia’s most sought-after communications firms. He has provided segmentation insights for a diverse range of clients, some of which will be included in the case studies, including oOh Media, Junkee Media, Planet Ark, Nestlé, Campbell’s Arnott’s, Unilever, the Australian Financial Review, AUSactive, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Sydney Metro, Transurban, UNSW, The University of Sydney, and Revlon & Max Factor.

    Who is TLF Research?

    We are the Asia Pacific arm of the international Customer Experience research agency, TLF Research. TLF stands for ‘The Leadership Factor’ and was originally founded in the UK in 1996. Our Australian office was set up in 1998. As well as in the UK and Australia, TLF has offices in the USA, France and Spain. We specialise in customer insight utilising qualitative and quantitative research, training, consultancy, and communications to help our clients understand and improve their customers’ experience.

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