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    • 22 April 2021
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Webinar

    Learn how to measure your brand's impact across the end-to-end customer journey on the best performing social media platforms

    This workshop is focused around the current state of social media marketing as it sits heading into 2021. It involves a discussion and collaboration around social media strategy and design. With a strong intention on providing clarity on the metrics that businesses should focus on when developing a social media strategy for net business impact, this workshop will cover strategies incorporating industry best practice to increase brand engagement, internal resource allocation, risk management. campaign build, messenger strategy, lead generation and funnel build strategy and social to EDM campaign methodology. It will provide insight into current engagement trends on each platform, and how to evolve with the massive changes we are experiencing in the marketing and technology landscape today.

    Key learnings

    • Explore the fundamental changes occurring on Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin and understand how to adapt
    • What are the most important performance metrics to accurately measure and determine value for businesses in the long term
    • What is the critical marketing formula for successful social media campaigns in 2021  
    • What are the current industry benchmarks for social media best practice?  
    • How to tackle B2B vs B2C marketing strategy on social  
    • Develop an understanding of the current landscape of social media and learn data-driven strategies to drive the most significant growth and impact

      About the presenters:

      George Hawwa, 
      Attention Experts, Grows Director 

      George is the Growth Director of leading social media agency Attention Experts - he is responsible for the overall business strategy of client accounts at Attention Experts to ensure clients are obtaining a suitable return on their marketing investment. He oversees content, advertising, and growth strategy of client accounts, as well as the current research division of Attention
      Experts, which identifies and collects data on changes to audience engagement metrics and the latest social media marketing trends and tactics.

      George is winner of the 'Outstanding Young Entrepreneur' award at the NSW regional business chamber awards. He is a sought after speaker and presenter for countless conferences, industry associations and in-house training to corporate marketing teams. George currently lectures for Sydney University, in the department of Centre for Continual Education as a subject matter expert on Social Media. He is also an expert witness for high-profile court cases.

      Who is Attention Experts?

      Attention Experts are specialist growth experts, a known leader in the industry with a reputation for a unique data-lead approach to social media marketing and strategy. Combining the latest digital tools and capabilities of the world's biggest social media platforms, Attention Experts retains a track record of delivering consistent results for over 500 clients in both the B2B and B2C sectors across 20 different industry verticals in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the UK. 

      Specialising in strategic growth, best-practice policy design, consulting and community management, the end product delivered is exponential business growth through social media campaigns designed to drive brand value and accumulate databases of customer engagement. Attention Experts is at the forefront of the social media marketing industry, having achieved this through exceptional customer service, transparency, specialist expertise, and unparalleled campaign implementation.

      Attention Experts is the most 5-star rated social media agency on Facebook in Australia and is a recognised Facebook Preferred Partner. Named number 3 on Yahoo! Finance's list of top 10 Australian Marketing Agencies to watch out for in 2021, Attention Experts are proud to be the official partners of the Australian Marketing Institute, Tourism Accommodation Australia, The Australian British Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Hills Business Chamber, Women With Altitude Network and more.

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          • 29 April 2021
          • 2:00 PM - 2:40 PM (UTC+10:00)
          • Virtually via Zoom

          AMI's In Conversation With... series tells the story of our community, bringing together marketers to share their career journeys, industry experiences and exceptional achievements to foster conversation, encouraging new perspectives and ideas.

          In April, join our chat with Akshay Sardana, Associate Director, Acquisition Marketing at Optus. Akshay will be sharing his career journey at Optus and the Optus brand vision, why marketing won over engineering, his career defining win of the 2019 AMI Future Leader of the Year award and why leadership is so important.

          We recently checked in with Akshay to find out what he has been up to, read about his journey and responses on the 2020 leadership article.

          This 40-minute online networking industry catch up will be held live and we encourage participants to ask questions and chat with your peers.

          About our Conversationalist:

          Akshay Sardana
          Associate Director, Acquisition Marketing


          An engineer-turned-marketer passionate about technology and its life-changing implications. As an Associate Director, Acquisition Marketing at Optus, he is responsible for integrated marketing strategy across all marketing channels - driving demand generation and market share growth across all Consumer product lines and segments.

          Over the last eight years, Akshay has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations including Huawei, ASUS and Optus and contributed towards positive growth & transformation in the digital era. Amongst his achievements, he successfully transformed the eCommerce business for ASUS with a 40%+ YoY growth in revenue and more recently led the charge on several strategic initiatives at Optus including the launch of new Optus Family Plans.

          In addition to his primary job functions, Akshay won the 2019 AMI Future Leader of the Year award for marketing excellence and is part of the amazing Optus team who won the 2020 Mumbrella Marketing Team of the Year award.

          Akshay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Manipal Institute of Technology, India and a dual Master’s degree including an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Technology, Sydney.

          • 06 May 2021
          • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
          • Webinar

          Don't let quick wins and acquisition results

           distract from genuine customer growth. 

          It’s great knowing how many customers you acquired each month, but how many of these customers can actually make an impact in the long-term? What about the number of customers (and value) that you lost too? 

          It’s a known fact that it costs a lot more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one.

          Customer loyalty cannot be bought, it must be earnt.

          What happens post-purchase in your brand? How do you earn your customers’ loyalty? Do you recognise your customers, their value and position across the customer lifecycle, or do you treat them all the same? 

          This webinar will reveal how to find the right customers to drive growth, and how to engage and communicate with customers, based on their actual behaviour - which will ultimately create loyal customers for life.

          Learning Outcomes

          • How to enable your customers along the path to repurchase
          • Tactics to reduce customer churn and instead increase purchase frequency and value 
          • How to implement an effective customer lifecycle marketing strategy 
          • Identify strategies to help you influence customer behaviour
          • How to implement effective behavioural segmentation and dynamic targeting

            About the presenter:

            Michael Barnard, 
            General Manager, Customology 

            Michael leads a team of Customologists with combined talent across strategy, data science, and technology, who help brands understand and influence customer behaviours. Michael’s experience in human centred design is foundational in Customology's principles of design thinking and starting with the customer, focusing on how brands engage, keep, and grow customers.

            Michael has excelled in innovation and is the founding GM of Customology. Here he has applied his design thinking, experience in behavioural economics and data science. Michael has partnered with key brands, including Suncorp, Westpac, Bridgestone, Flight Centre, Youi, Qld Government and Youfoodz.

            Michael is an experienced and articulate public speaker and commentator, not afraid to ask the hard questions, provoking insights, challenging viewpoints, and creating true thought leadership.

                Please note: AMI Webinars are FREE for AMI members and 30AUD for non-members; the will be available to watch on demand  in the AMI Content Library.

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                • 17 June 2021
                • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
                • Webinar

                Learn how to understand the challenges that most need solving, develop and test innovative ideas to meet the challenges.

                Design Thinking is a powerful problem-solving methodology which has been around since the 1980s, but only recently has it become table stakes for executives and consulting leaders to have an in-depth understanding of the methodology.  Design Thinking is not about making things look beautiful — it’s a process and mindset borrowed from designers. Put simply, Design Thinking helps people understand the challenges that most need solving, then develop and test innovative ideas to meet those challenges.

                Marketing professionals need frameworks for innovation more than ever, as MarTech introduces new opportunities and challenges and a move to growth marketing increases expectations of marketers being across the entire funnel.

                This webinar is designed for marketing professionals in NFPs and companies who are looking to upskill and encourage improvements in client-centricity and innovative thinking within their organisation’s marketing function.

                Learning Outcomes

                  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the five steps of Design Thinking
                  • Understand how Design Thinking can create opportunities for marketing professionals to innovate and become more client-centric
                  • Create a plan to use Design Thinking to take your work o the next level
                  • Removed: An understanding of where you fit on the innovation personality matrix – intrapreneur, amplifier, founder or operator 

                    About the presenter:

                    Lucas Hakewill

                    Growth Program Lead at SSE 

                    Lucas is an educator and program manager with expertise in designing and delivering entrepreneurial learning experiences, and extensive experience supporting founders with structure and empathy.   

                    As Growth Program Lead at SSE, Lucas is responsible for developing and delivering impactful education programs for students and partner institutions. He is the lead facilitator of SSE certified short courses, and supports the organisation's growth through the development of further education offerings. 

                    Prior to joining the SSE team, Lucas was Program Manager (Entrepreneurship Education) at INCUBATE, where he developed and grew entrepreneurial education and mentoring programs for students, staff and alumni of the University of Sydney. 

                    Lucas has experience with innovation and entrepreneurship programs in both the university and corporate sectors, and has a great understanding of (and passion for) the NSW entrepreneurial ecosystem.

                        Please note: AMI Webinars are FREE for AMI members and 30AUD for non-members; the will be available to watch on demand  in the AMI Content Library.

                        Lunch time learning webinars are proudly brought to you by

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